Sunday, January 30, 2011

Michael Vick Will Remain A Philadelphia Eagle in 2011 / Pro Bowl Kicker David Akers May Not

Eagles QB Michael Vick
It has been reported on that Pro Bowl quarterback Michael Vick will be the Philadelphia Eagles' franchise tagee in 2011.

We're unsure how this will work considering the ongoing CBA negotiations. If there is no franchise tag in the new deal, then Philadelphia may not be able to use it now on Vick.

In other Philadelphia news, it turns out Quintin Mikell, an Eagles safety, was right.

He said, after the Eagles' loss to Green Bay in the playoffs, a game in which normally reliable kicker David Akers missed two makeable field goals that could have won the game, that Akers was affected by a personal issue.

Akers' agent downplayed it, but it turns out that the Akers family was in the process of determining whether or not their 6 year-old daughter had cancer. Just 24 hours after the game, the Akers family was to be conferencing with the doctors to see what options they had.

It turns out that 6 year-old Halley Akers did indeed have cancer, but doctors do believe surgery was successful in removing the cancer. For more on this story, read here.

Despite these revelations, Eagles' coach Andy Reid still threw David Akers under the proverbial bus after the game, and it sounds like the kicker will indeed be available this offseason. Don't be surprised if the Pittsburgh Steelers look to upgrade over Shaun Suisham.

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