Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Will Return...We Promise!

It's been some time since Robert or I have posted anything to PCR. And for that we both apologize. It's not in good practice for a blogger to let a site become...well...stagnant.

This lockout between the NFL and what I like to call the 'Not' Players' Union, has really been a major downer for bloggers like us, and many others, too. Even the national media has become boorish, rehashing stories that in my opinion, have very little, if any, merit toward the actual future of the NFL, whether it's free agent players, or supplemental draft talk.

Now I'm not here to bash the media, because it does what it has to do to, more-or-less, 'keep butts in the seats,' and listeners or viewers tuned in.

However,unlike the national media, we consider ourselves more like specialists. We specialize in offering our own ideas and opinions to the goings-on of the NFL and the sport as a whole. So with that said, we just wanted to update our readers of our whereabouts, and to assure you that we will be back as soon as this nasty lockout ends, or as soon as something worth giving an opinion about presents itself. Until then, we'll be with the rest of you...Waiting for progress to be made.

Also, in case you're wondering what relevance the picture has to anything, well, it doesn't. It's mainly here to offer you a chuckle in these slow times brought to us by the No Fun League and the 'Not' Players' Union.

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