Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mess Continues - NFL Labor Talks Cancelled Today

Many of you have probably already seen this news, but it would be remiss of PCR not to chime in on the current NFL labor update.

Ken Belson's article from the New York Times is one of many sources reporting that the scheduled labor-negotiation meeting today was cancelled.

Mike Florio and the guys over at continue to cover the ongoing saga of the 2011 "Great Debate" between the players and the owners over how exactly to split the $9 billion revenue the NFL currently enjoys.

While it continues to look as if the NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell are positioning for a lockout come March 4, PCR's Eric Quackenbush postulated on the excellent forum a solution: Agree to a one-year extension of the current CBA and then spend the next year earnestly, honestly, sincerely attempting to negotiate a new deal.

It is the fan who continues to suffer throughout this debacle, and the NFL's owners and players need to stop looking down at the pot of gold and figuring out how to divide it, and rather look towards the future: how do you continue the pots of gold? Typically speaking, corporations do not succeed or continue success by alienating their customer base and making them turn to other producers of comparable goods. There is a portion of NFL fans larger than the NFL realizes who will willingly turn their backs on the NFL if the NFL continues down the path it is heading.

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