Saturday, February 5, 2011

Need a new book for your NOOKcolor/NOOK?

"Going Beyond: Vision, the NFL, and the 2010 Carolina Panthers," PCR writer Robert G. Gilbert's new e-book, is now available from Barnes & Noble in addition to Amazon. 

From the product description:
"Going Beyond: Vision, the NFL, and the 2010 Carolina Panthers" is Robert G. Gilbert's definitive e-book on the composition of NFL Football. Defining and utilizing such concepts as critical thinking, player development, the role of coaching, computer profiling, mentoring, entropy, the vital significance of vision, and more, Gilbert crafts a textbook that truly does show the reader how to go beyond, in life as well as football. His detailed critical analysis of the 2010 Carolina Panthers illustrates how to properly implement the methodologies he develops.
From a review by Glenn E. Dawson:
Taking the 2010 Carolina Panthers as metaphor, Mr. Gilbert deftly shows the onslaught of humanity's Lemming-like rush into an entropic state where escape seems only to be possible through death. Concepts such as Vision, proper Direction within that Vision, Mentoring, Critical Analysis, and more, all come alive to say one must pay the boatman in order to cross over the discontinuity from entropic existence and its dissonance, into the promised land of true growth and its harmonious continuity.

And the link for those with iPads, iPhones, or Kindles:

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